Beach Wedding in Jesolo, Italy

Christian and Elena’s marriage took the form of a beautiful wedding day, a perfect event with a perfect plan.

Imagine: the lighthouse provides a leitmotiv for the event, sand and seashells, a recently opened designer location, a stunning bride. The ceremony at Jesolo by the sea shore, a supper set between the beach and the swimming pool: candles, suffused lighting, lounge music. Just perfect.

The ceremony was set to take place at 5 pm. At 2 pm the sky turned black and the thunderstorm arrived.

At moments like these, it always helps to keep a cool head. Breathe steadily and don’t let yourself be carried along by panic. As a rule, summer thunderstorms come and go quickly. Luckily, this one followed the rule.

In our case, it left in its wake an afternoon of unhoped-for sunshine, splendid, perfect for a wedding by the sea.
The air was bracing, a little too bracing for supper in the swimming pool: so, while the ceremony was held on the beach and the aperitif and the after-dinner activities were outdoors as planned, it was the dinner that saw the guests having to take their seats inside.

Nonetheless, everything went well, indeed very well. The music programmed for this wedding by the sea, reminiscent of Bossa Nova and Samba, was chosen to enliven the outdoor phase; there was harp accompaniment during dinner, entertainments for the children, a fire-eater and the screening of a surprise video.

We were walking a bit of a tightrope for this wedding, but the rope held perfectly and we now look back on it as a successful and remarkable wedding by the sea.

Wedding planner & designer: Un Giorno su Misura // Location: Falkensteiner Hotel // Photography: Fabrizio Furlan // Floral Designer: Naturalmente Fiori // Graphic Coordinator: Pop the Question

Elisabetta Bilei Wedding Planner

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