My name is Elisabetta and I’m a wedding planner, I help you to organize your “made to measure” wedding.
I organize sartorial weddings everywhere you want. 

I work with couples who want a special day for their story, their personality and their love, highlighting what makes them unique. I organize weddings, but not any kind of marriages: every couple I work with has a desire, a dream, a special project. And for so many reasons they don’t identify with the idea of ​​a classic, standard marriage. They want something else but they’re not sure it’s feasible, they are afraid of having to settle with a ceremony that doesn’t really represent them. Is this your case? Then stop worrying: now I’m at your side, and together we will create a marriage ever seen.

I specialize in weddings in particular locations, in themed weddings,

in Italian weddings for foreigners, in civil unions, in second marriages,

in mini ceremonies (even for 10 people) and much more.

With one single certainty: your marriage will not look like anybody else,

it will be unique as your love. I promise.


About me

My name is Elisabetta and I want to see you happy, right from the very first day.

My couples

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, read all  these love stories.

What I can do for you

Many personalised services, including online, each with you at its centre.

“Every wedding is a unique story. I’ll help you write yours. “

— Elisabetta