Civil Ceremonies in Venice, Italy

Organising a civil ceremony in Venice calls for an ability to deal with the competent authorities, punctuality and good organisation.

You have various locations at your disposal in which to celebrate your civil ceremony in Venice and I recommend you choose the one most suited to the style of your wedding.

The Sala degli Stucchi in Ca’ Farsetti is suitable for a wedding that follows an elegant and romantic style, appropriate for a city like Venice, perhaps a wedding with a considerable number of guests.

Also worth mentioning are Palazzo Cavalli, a historic building in Renaissance style, with its luminous hall overlooking the Grand Canal. And there’s the palace of Ca’ Vendramin Calergi with its Sala Cuoi d’Oro, rich in typically Venetian beauty.

One can also celebrate a civil wedding rite in the Council Chamber of Venice’s Ca’ Loredan.

For a successful celebration of your civil ceremony in Venice, you should bear in mind that punctuality is essential. Partly depending on the season, the day you choose could be one crowded with appointments. I would very much like to help you in your choice of musicians, in your choice of readings and exchanges of vows that can make the service more unique and personalised.

I particularly want to emphasise that a civil ceremony – the most important moment of your matrimony – can also be an experience of high emotion. In the case of a ceremony in Venice Town Hall, it is important to keep within the scheduled timings. There will certainly be an opportunity for longer and more moving speeches during the reception.

And here is some more practical information for those coming from outside, or those who (quite understandably) are unfamiliar with the local bureaucracy: the celebration of a civil ceremony in Venice is dependent on what the city administration has available. Celebrations are held from Monday to Saturday, from 8.45am to 1pm. In organising a wedding, you could, for example, consider a mid-morning ceremony followed by a tour of one or two of the special islands of the city, before heading for your wedding banquet.

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