Full Wedding Planning in Venice and all around Italy

This is the personalised wedding organisation service

I will help you organise a dream wedding right from start to finish. As your wedding planner, I will take you by the hand and attend to each stage, right up to the day you say ‘I do’ for the rest of your lives. I will help you organise a dream wedding.

I know from experience just how much hard work can go into organising a wedding: coordinating suppliers, deciding on a theme and carrying it through in a consistent way, being prepared for unforeseen events and last-minute hitches. I’m at your service to help you with everything, respecting your taste and keeping an eye on timings and budgets, putting my heart into it.


This is the ideal service for a betrothed couple who:

  • Want an original, unique and successful wedding but who are capable of delegating because they want to enjoy every moment without distractions.
  • Don’t want to have to take care of every tiny detail but who want to make the decisions, knowing that someone will carry them through with dedication.
  • Have a lot of engagements, both professional and other, who realise they cannot follow the organisational complexities in detail, who want thrills, not stress, who see marriage as a journey on which they set out together but with a compass in hand, so they can celebrate the significant stages.

What I help you to do

  • I develop a project and a quotation to fit your wishes: nothing is impossible!
  • I create a to-do list that is always updated, flexible and practical, so I don’t lose sight of anything
  • I contact the best suppliers who could be right for your project
  • I am always available and ready to suggest original ideas to you, along with the best way to implement them
  • I am on your side, always

For all the joyfulness of the event, organising a wedding can be very stressful: I take the stress from you and leave you all the joy. I am good at carrying projects forward and keeping within timings and budgets; I have advantageous relationships with suppliers and I have the right kind of imagination for finding creative and customised solutions. We work together on a Pinterest board to share ideas, suggestions and inspirations for your wedding.

Information and costs

The cost of this service varies with the complexity of the project and location of the event: my budget usually

starts at 2,500 euros

If, however, you have already proceeded with choosing some of your suppliers, do contact me explaining your requirements and I will draw up a personalised quotation for you.

Payment can be made in three instalments:

  • a down-payment to confirm the service
  • one month before the event
  • the day of the wedding

I will be with you from the day of my appointment up until the day of the event, and it is important that you contact me at least ten months beforehand. I have organised weddings in Venice on just two months’ notice, but these are borderline cases.

Need help?

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