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Why organise your wedding in Venice?

Venice is a magic city, of timeless beauty. If you dream of organising your wedding in Venice, you should know you are choosing a place that lives on wonder and enchantment. However, Venice also demands a high level of logistical organisation to manage the movements of people but also of all the materials that will make your wedding unique.
Apart from the city of Venice, the Islands, too, such as Murano, Burano and Torcello can hold in store unsuspected scenarios and locations of pure poetry.

Those marrying in Venice should have no fear of humidity and should appreciate the idea of being in a city with thousands of years of history and a unique landscape. You should not be afraid of closeness to water. You should not attempt to bathe in the canals (absolutely not recommended!), but when organising a marriage in Venice you should know that some wedding photos will probably have a bridge, a canal or a view of the Lagoon in the background.

Similarly, you know Venice is a city that is known and loved all over the world: on the day of your wedding, too, when walking around the city, you will meet people who will stop to pay you a compliment and congratulate you. Consider this aspect carefully, because you will need to have the kind of nature that feels at ease, even when receiving congratulations from strangers. This may happen only during a limited period of time, especially if the choice of location is made with this aspect in mind, but it is not to be underestimated.

Getting married in Venice is a charming decision; it is an engagement and a gift that you make to yourselves and to your guests. To help guests feel truly immersed in a unique experience, you should pay particular attention to their movements, to their comfort, to the choice of the most suitable hotels and means of transport (from classic gondolas and other craft).

At your pleasure, it is my advice that you come and spend some days in Venice. You can organise a short tour of the world’s most romantic city and take some photos for our Save the Date. In this way, you can spend time in close contact with the city to find out whether it really is the ideal location for your marriage.

Celebrating a Wedding in Venice

Would you like to choose a city of extraordinary beauty for your marriage? Venice is without doubt a special destination in which to celebrate your matrimony. Its fascination and the atmosphere in which it surrounds you make it a favourite destination, especially among romantically minded couples looking for an extraordinary experience.

It is possible to organise a civil ceremony, a symbolic ceremony or a religious service, with Orthodox or other confessions catered for. The magic of the city, its style and its class will be your allies for an eye-catching and unforgettable event. Every ceremony organised in Venice brings with it the pathos and the emotion of a city, which, like an open-air theatre, will attend that sacred moment with all its beauty.

In the case of a civil ceremony, Venice Town Council makes Palazzo Cavalli available, with its historic Renaissance beauty, to celebrate your civil register marriage ceremony. It is possible to choose other stunning historical palaces in the world’s most romantic city, in which you can say ‘I do’ for ever, such as the Sala Strucchi of Ca’ Farsetti, the Council Chamber of Ca' Loredan or the Sala Cuoi d’Oro of Ca' Vendramin.

Your choice of venue should recall some of the values you wish to expresses through your matrimony, giving it a unique guiding theme.

It is also possible to have a catholic service in Venice, by following an established procedure. The most picturesque, capacious and moving churches are the Basilica della Salute, the Church of the Jesuits and Santa Maria dei Miracoli. In this case too, it is important to choose a location that best suits the mood you wish to impart to your wedding ceremony.

If you are the kind of original thinkers that I like, there are some other Venetian palaces in which one can organise both the ceremony and the reception, with an enchanting symbolic rite.

Where to organise your wedding in Venice

The city of Venice offers numerous opportunities for an hotel wedding, from the glorious and imposing Belmond Cipriani and Hotel Westin Europe & Regina, extremely refined, elegant and capable of accommodating dream weddings.

These are both major locations: in the first case, the Granai della Repubblica lends itself as a stage for original and refined weddings. Sophisticated and out of the ordinary, the contrast between the face brickwork and the Murano glass chandeliers are the hallmark of this location. In the same way, Hotel Westin Europe & Regina stands out for bringing receptions into the heart of the city, where you still face directly onto the Lagoon and its most prestigious canal.

The Luna Baglioni Hotel is spectacular, probably among the most thrilling hotels in Venice, with its intimate and breath-taking terrace facing across to the Island of San Giorgio. Another terrace offering a spectacular panoramic view is that of the Isle of San Servolo: I recommend this to you for the summer, at sunset, if you wish to admire a truly breath-taking spectacle.

It is rare to succeed in combining a wedding in Venice with a welcoming and pleasant green space: my tip in this connection is that you discover the Palazzo dei Dogi – Boscolo Hotel, a setting that enjoys one of the most enchanting historic gardens of the city, with perfect perspectives in which to set a botanical-chic wedding. This setting is particularly suited for lovers of the little-known and unconventional sides to Venice, particularly if you seek contact with nature and want your wedding photos to be immersed in a green setting.

I will give you more detail about this in the sections dedicated to the historic palaces and panoramic hotels - stay with me! Check out also

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