Gondolas Weddings? Getting around in Venice, Italy

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Venice is a stunning city, but logistically very demanding. You will have noticed this each time you visited the world’s most romantic city (or maybe you’ve read something about this online). The gondolas are romantic for small groups of people, but they are hard to manage for a more demanding number of guests.

In addition, gondolas are restricted to the pre-determined routes they can follow. For example, they are not allowed to take you to San Servolo, to Burano, Murano or Torcello, or to the other Isles of Venice. Furthermore, having direct contact with somebody who knows the gondoliers (Yes, that’s me!) can help you create a route designed for you and your guests to explore the atmosphere of Venice, and organise it in advance.

As I mentioned, each vessel in Venice is allowed to follow set routes only: for this reason, depending on the kind of wedding you dream of, I will be able to help you choose the one that suits you best. You may wish to take your guests on a panoramic tour of the city, or take them with you to explore some of the islands, in a craft that can accommodate you all together, or finally to hire a ‘wooden taxi’ for yourselves and your photographic service.

For example, if you choose to have a civil or a religious ceremony before arriving on location and want to organise a tour of the Lagoon, you will need to find and book a vessel with the right capacity: once you are on board, you could even conduct the highly romantic sea ceremony - a typical Venetian type of matrimony, permitted only to those who follow this special route.

And once the festivities are over, you will have booked in advance the service to take you and your guests back to your respective hotels. Right now, these may seem like secondary considerations, but in a city like Venice, this is far from the case!

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