Historic Buildings & Palaces for Weddings in Venice, Italy

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Ca’ Sagredo

Ca’ Sagredo is without doubt one of the most beautiful settings among the historic buildings of Venice. With its unforgettable staircase and a regal and sophisticated ambiance exuded by every detail, it is one of the best loved locations on the Lagoon. I can also envisage it as a highly appropriate location in which to organise a sophisticated Carnival wedding: imagine the bride and groom appearing with fascinating and unique masks delineating their faces.

It is in any case a class location for every occasion of the year. If you choose Ca’ Sagredo, the work of the floral designer should emphasise its inherent beauty, also through the use of candles and elegant, profuse compositions.

Palazzo Zeno

A period residence with both charm and class is Palazzo Zeno: as soon as its doors open before you, you seem to take a leap backwards in history and to enter a place that has managed to preserve unchanged the poetry and magic of a faraway time.

Like every attractive Venetian building, the vast reception hall with its frescoed walls stretches to a glazed wall facing over the Lagoon, while in its courtyard we can set up an unforgettable scene for the cutting of the cake and festivities.

Palazzo Pisani Moretta

I would also recommend a visit to Palazzo Pisani Moretta: a name less well known than the other two but certainly with a high emotive impact. This is the right location if you are lovers of frescoed rooms and the classic and unique Venetian candelabras.

It is a perfect location for a classic dream wedding in perfect Venetian style. Picture yourself immersed in this princely and sophisticated atmosphere, wearing your specially tailored garments. Through luminous and preciously decorated rooms you walk gaily among tables at which your guests are seated, tables with towering centrepieces and imposing floral compositions.

Excelsior at the Venice Lido

But if you are looking for a bright, precious and unique location, the Excelsior at the Venice Lido is for you. I can already see you in a total-white wedding with a symbolic ceremony held just a stroll away from the sea.

The best of Venice, with the opportunity to take some photos on the beach: the light high in the sky reflects down onto the delicate whites of your wedding, with all the guests dazzled by the beauty of it all. Isn’t that beyond all dreams?

Boscolo Autograph

And finally, the Boscolo Autograph is perfect if you wish to marry in the heart of Venice but cannot do without a splendid garden. The Boscolo boasts a historic green space: an imposing eighteenth-century garden, a rarity in a city such as Venice.

I very much like the notion of setting a symbolic ceremony here, with a floral arch that picks up your colour scheme, in the midst of nature’s greenery and the rose hues of the flowers, perhaps with that romantic hint peonies can impart.

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