Proposal Service in Venice and all around Italy

This is for you, who would like to organize the most romantic marriage proposal ever

Every day you spend with your special someone is important, but some days become unforgettable: this is how you would like it to be when you will propose to her.

You are dreaming of the perfect setting, accompaniment and emotions and in a few years from now you will be able to re-experience it all thanks to wonderful pictures. Italy is the perfect stage for occasions like this one, the country of charming and  breathtaking views that can make your hearts beat faster.

If you want to make your dream come true, I am here to help.

Thanks to our Proposal service, we can organize together every tiny detail, for you to get everything you have always desired: I will help you arrange your marriage proposal in a wonderful city and create the perfect atmosphere for this unique moment. We will make the emotions you are experiencing real, to tell your special someone what you feel and promise her you will always do.


It is the ideal service if you:

  • Wish to declare your love with style
  • Think your partner deserves to be surprised
  • Wish to live an exciting and engaging experience
  • Are just waiting for the right moment, because you look forward to walking down the aisle
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I am here to help you with:

  • I’ll walk with you: I’ll listen to you as you tell me about your story, why you love her and would like to marry her and propose to her this way
  • I’ll develop a project that is suitable for your budget, involve the best contractors and coordinate them to make your moment a magic one
  • I’ll keep everything under control, to prevent any unexpected events and allow you to enjoy your special moment
  • And I will smile when your special someone says: Yes, I do.
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Every marriage proposal is unique and personal: it is the successful completion of a love story, of many days and nights spent together, it is the conscious decision of two people who decide to put their heart into somebody else’s hands.

We will be working together, for that moment to be a truly unique one: Emanuela works with me on every project. She is a great person and an excellent professional: she is an expert in the fields of logistics, timing and organization. (by the way, she is also an excellent calligrapher, should you need one!).

We are a strong and united team, the ideal one to organize one of the most exciting moments of your life.

Information and costs

The cost of this service may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the event location: the minimum fee for the Proposal service is

700 euro

Following a questionnaire, I will draw up a customized and detailed quotation.

The payment can be made in two installments:

  • A service confirmation deposit, upon acceptance of the agreement
  • Balance, on the engagement day

Emanuela and I will be working with you from the day we are assigned the job till the day of the event; it is important for you to get in contact with us at least 2-4 months in advance.

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