An Italian Romantic Elopement

This is a delicate palette, reflecting the romantic stares Anna and Giulio give one another: their vow is one of eternal love, a feeling capable of overcoming any blast of wind, leaving them standing stronger, united and wrapped in each other’s arms as always.

They chose to set for a pastel elopement, reminiscent of the lightness marking their smiles. These spontaneous and natural floral arrangements perfectly match the garden which embraces and cuddles them up.

Love is in the air: as the atmosphere gets dimmer, the light of candles enhances the mise en place and joins the newlyweds for the wedding party, which is as touching and refined as they both are.

Wedding planner & designer: Un Giorno su Misura // Photographer: SerenaGenovese // Floral designer: Daisy Studio // Location: Abbazia Villa Rossi

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