Venice, Evening Meal with View of the Lagoon

Alessandro and Alessandra live in Milan, but they opted to organise their wedding in Venice. They are two very busy managers who love to travel: they dedicate their weekends as well as their holiday periods to travelling around Italy and around the world.

Which city, then, if not Venice, could represent their love? A wedding with travel as its theme was ideal for them, perfectly fitted to the passions that united them.

Organising a wedding in Venice is very demanding, and even more so if you live outside the area: you have to manage the transportation, assess obstacles and the possibilities for unloading, the hotels, and every movement of objects and persons.

We started working together after Alessandra felt so moved by my Style Storyline. This is a document I hand over together with the quotation that is aimed at finding out whether there is attunement and a shared vision of their Custom-Made Day.

Month after month we dedicated each business trip to seeking out the best partners, to refining selections and to detailing the style our wedding should have. And so, the 23rd July came along, one step at a time. That morning broke with an overcast sky, grey as the worry that we felt descending upon us.

It was then we found out how important it had been to choose the right suppliers to make a wedding in Venice truly fantastic. The lighting service was prepared to set up under the rain and the caterers understood perfectly how to make the best of the situation – the floral designer’s team were fully hands-on, ensuring that the effect was to the bride’s taste, while the team from A Custom-Made Day split between fitting out the church, checking the location, dressing the bride and welcoming the guests.

In the end, the sky cleared, the weather smiled on us and everything went according to our optimum scenarios; the guests were able to admire the view over the city of Venice from the terrace where we they had their evening meal, and then break out into the courtyard for the dances, and to admire each aspect of the travel-themed wedding in every detail. That’s what it’s like to organise a wedding in Venice. The city has this intrinsic magic that is hard to explain, and, despite a few unforeseen twists, it will always leave you stunned.

Wedding planner & designer: Un Giorno su Misura // Location: Isola di San Servolo // Catering: Peccati di Gola // Photographer: Francesco Bognin // Calligrapher: Filovagando // Lights service and DJ: Lampo Service // Children Entertainment: Movidarte

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